Event Management Location

15 Mar by Steve E. Trisler

Event Management Location

There are many things to consider when looking for and choosing a perfect location for your event. The main thing is that the event location must be tailored to the target group and the theme of the event. Which values, which image or which impression should the location and the event convey to the guests?

The ambience of the location should therefore match the planned event. As soon as you have short-listed an event location, it is important that you take a closer look at it on site to make sure that it offers the right setting for your event. We have created a checklist with the 10 most important points for you to use as a guide to find the right location.

Size of the location

The size of the location is an important factor when choosing a venue for your next event. The size must meet the requirements of the event. On the one hand, the event location must not be too large, as too large locations can often give the impression that too few guests have appeared at the event.

On the other hand, an event location that is too small can be confining. When choosing a location you have to be aware of how many guests you expect at your event. Only then can you really start looking for the ideal location.

Location of the event location

What you should also consider during the location check is the location and accessibility of the location. Depending on the event, it is essential that you can get to the venue either by car or by public transport. On site, you should make sure that there are sufficient parking spaces or nearby multi-storey car parks so that all guests can find a parking space. If necessary, you can also enquire about the amount of parking fees for your guests. If your visitors have a long way from the station to the location, you might want to have a shuttle service set up.

If your guests do not come directly from the surrounding area and are dependent on overnight accommodation, it is advantageous if there are hotels in the immediate vicinity of the event location where your guests can stay. Nearby hotels are therefore useful, as your guests will not have to travel a long way home after your event. Also ask if there are enough hotel rooms available for the visitors of your event at affordable prices for the duration of your event.

Infrastructure of the location

During the on-site visit you can get the best impression of the infrastructure of the location. Here you should consider how many rooms or outdoor areas the event location is equipped with and to what extent the use for your event is allowed. For certain events it is important that rooms are accessible or divisible.

You should pay attention to the unloading and loading possibilities, the length of the walkways for the construction and dismantling and the height of the rooms. Also checks whether the location is handicapped accessible.

If it is planned that lectures or meetings with a screen should take place in the rooms, then you should be careful whether there are columns in the room that could obstruct the view of the screen. In addition, you should check whether the rooms are flooded with daylight, whether the rooms can be darkened if necessary and whether other lighting options are available. Furthermore, good acoustics in the rooms is an important point that should not be neglected. For example, a microphone system is not absolutely necessary in rooms with high brightness.

Event technology in the event location

On your checklist for the location check you may not forget the point event technology. A certain amount of technical equipment is required for many events. Especially for lectures, meetings, conferences, concerts, galas, Christmas parties or other parties it is important that the location is equipped with the appropriate event technology.

You should therefore check during your control visit to the location whether there are sufficient power connections. You can also find out whether you have WLAN, a telephone, PCs, a beamer, a sound system, air conditioning, a screen and microphones at your disposal. If certain things are not available, you have to make sure in time what you have to bring or organize yourself.


The furnishing varies from location to location. Many event locations offer you basic equipment and charge an extra fee for the additional use of certain furniture. So inform yourself early if there are enough seats and tables available or if you need to organize additional furniture.


When visiting the location, make sure that the chairs are comfortable and equipped with or without armrests. For long events, it makes sense to offer your guests comfortable seating. It is also important that you know what tables the event location provides.

If you are planning a champagne reception, you will ideally need bar tables. For a buffet or a multi-course menu, round or square tables would be suitable. Also checks whether there is a lectern with microphone, stage elements, platforms and movable walls in the rooms.

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