Consultation with Staging Plan

At Spotlight Staging your Home Staging Consultation is a comprehensive, detailed report, recommending steps that should be taken to properly prepare and Stage your property. Your Consultation begins with a meeting to assess your property inside and out. At that time detailed notes are taken, as well as "Before" digital photos. We will also give you invaluable Staging information, as well as creative tips and suggestions.

With the information in hand we will have one of our accredited ASP Home Staging Professionals prepare a full set of step-by-step instructions for your property at the Spotlight Staging offices. Upon our return we will then present this report, which includes full review of the inside and outside and also room-by-room. Fees based on square footage of property, as well as size of project. Contact Spotlight Staging for a full comprehensive quote.

Staging Consultation with Report.                              

This is a 10-15 page report that we prepare for your client with a generic check list of proven staging strategies that work AND a personalized staging strategy for their particular property. Spotlight Staging takes this report a step further than most other staging companies, and prioritizes which items should be done according to importance. We also suggest which items would give your client the most "bang for their buck". As the real estate agent, have Spotlight Staging give your client the guidance they need to prepare their property for sale on the open market so you can channel your energies into the marketing end of the transaction. This report is invaluable for the "do it your-selfer". After the client meets our suggestions, we will come out, fine tune with additional suggestions and take "after" photos that can be used on the web site to promote your listing.